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Steven Schweinshaupt, MD

813 969-2030      Call the office now

6502 Gunn Hwy

Convenient  Care for the whole family


Thank you for visiting our website.

At Walk-In & Family Care, we are here to meet your healthcare needs for the entire family. We are confident the information on this website will be helpful to you.

Located  at 6502 Gunn Hwy in Tampa Florida.

Due to some staffing changes at the office, many old policies have been done away with.  Telephone access is improved, wait time is better, and customer satisfaction is improving. We have added access to wifi for our waiting room.  The password you need is 8139692030

We need your help at Swifc.com 

Over the years, there have been some management problems that have caused our online ratings to suffer.  Fortunately, these problems are being corrected.  It is important to us to have a good online presence and important to have a good testimony.  So if you have had good experiences at the office, please go online for us and give us a good rating.  Below you will find some links to appropriate websites.  Thank you.




Extended Hours

Open Monday and Thursday evenings

MedSlim - Tampa open at Schweinshaupt Walk-In & Family Care

As weight control is one of the biggest problems in the United States,  we have a full service weight loss/management clinic.  Our diet plan involves a combination of diet pills, lipotropic B12-MIC shots, diet, and exercise .  Unlike most other weight loss offices,  only monthly visits are required.  The average monthly cost is between $150-$200.   Visit my MedSlim page for more information.  Call us at 969-2030  to schedule an evaluation.

Tampa Bay Detox

Outpatient drug detox for opiates, pain pills, heroin and other narcotics in Tampa, Florida.  See tampabaydetox.com for further information.

Weight loss options at SWIFC

Almost every medical condition is improved by weight loss.  Weight loss should be possible with a sensible diet and exercise; unfortunately this does not always work.  See Weight Loss or MedSlim-Tampa.com for weight loss assistance.  We are excited to now offer Take Shape for Life which is a Medifast weight loss program.  The results have been very encouraging.  The weight loss seems to be more lifelong.  Call now to see if you qualify.  http://www.medslim-Tampa.com

Natural Hormone Replacement

At a recent bio-identical hormone (BHRT) conference,  Dr Schweinshaupt has learned about new treatment options for PMS, perimenopause,  menopause, fibrocystic breasts,  thyroid disorders, low testosterone-andropause, and chronic fatigue.  There are more options for testing and treatment for those people affected by the above syndromes.  See Hormones for for more information.

Dr. Schweinshaupt featured on Channel 28 News with Linda Hurtado

     Kicking the Habit...with a shot? - old link

     How to quit the habit - look how unsuccessful the average treatments are for smoking

     See Drug Detox page for further information.

Walk-In visits welcome

Appointments are preferred, especially for physicals and well care, but when you are sick just come in.  You can always call to see if there is a best time.  Feel free to check on the wait time to see if you want to come back.  We try to see walk-ins within an hour, but this is not always possible.




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